No one can escape the various twists and turns of adolescence. During this time of life, every human being is subject to the winds of fashion. Willingly or unwillingly, this influence will define what each person is about to become. Each person sketches out his or her own way of discovering and asserting himself or herself.


Faced with different clothing or appearance trends that follow one another and do not resemble one another, a teenager is confronted with multiple existential questions. Moments of carelessness have disappeared with childhood. Now it’s time to start taking charge, and the game is not won in advance. Who am I? What am I doing here? Why do I have to act like this? How do others see me? These and other key questions are the first building blocks in the budding personality of a teenager looking for answers. And they usually find them by following – or not following – the course of fashion and current trends. Following his psychology of approach and assimilation relative to the trends of the moment, he begins to tune in, or on the contrary, to marginalize himself.


At first, the teenager creates a look to try on. The final adoption of this look will then depend on several factors. On the one hand, his personal feelings will allow him to know if he is comfortable, and if what he sees in a mirror corresponds to the character he wants to be and to show. On the other hand, the feedback he will receive from his direct entourage (family) and close relatives (friends, neighbours) will confirm him in this choice, or on the contrary, will dissuade him from it. Depending on these two factors, the teen will know whether the look he or she is wearing conveys the idea of personality that he or she is looking for.


Did he put up with the mockery of his comrades for his destroy jeans? Did he feel belittled by his father’s indignation for piercing his ear? These returns will be so many stimuli that will help him to set up his identity. According to his appreciation, he will gradually build up his personality, which distinguishes him from others. In recognition or by rebellion, he builds his character by adopting a look that suits him to delight, or on the contrary, does not correspond to him at all. And his quest will not stop until he feels he has succeeded in imposing this identity on everyone.