The period of adolescence leads the child to his adult body. The different phases of this transformation are not always pleasant, especially for girls. Fortunately, fashion has dedicated a department to accompany them through this complicated phase of their lives. Here are a few tips on how to take advantage of its curves and use them in a positive way.


Roundness brings pronounced volume to certain parts of the anatomy, and a teenager still does not assume the image she sees in her mirror. Fashion experts have proven that everything can be made to look its best. In the case of roundness, the first step is to choose a flowing fabric that will hide superfluous bulges, generous breasts, too plump buttocks or too fleshy thighs. The next step is the cut of the garment. The best way to refine the curves is to adopt a straight cut. This will create an effect of verticality, which will unify and lengthen the body by a trompe-l'oeil effect. And to top it all off, the waist should be marked with a suitable belt, or an unbuttoned fitted garment.


A teenage girl learns from her elders that black is the best option for hiding the overly generous parts of her body. The idea has taken hold, but today, studies and experiments have shown that the plump girl can regain colour. Indeed, opting for more lightness now makes it possible to highlight pretty shapes and complexion. If the presence of black or a dark hue is still necessary, it should not exceed one room. Colours should be worn in shades, taking care to put the darkest one on the outside. For patterns and prints, vertical stripes are still the best option. The combination of dark and light colours can help to achieve a refined silhouette.


To complete the look, good advice is to wear accessories to go with the clothes. The choice should be made on clearly visible and obvious objects, taking into account the teen's morphology and the attire. Square-heeled or wedge-heeled shoes, fairly large rings or bracelets, and large bags will do the trick. Forget about small accessories that may go unnoticed.
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