The changes in the life of a child entering the teenage years are dramatic. For a girl in particular, it’s a chance to follow in the mother’s footsteps and keep up with fashion trends. But the choice of accessories must be made wisely, especially when it comes to a first bra.


A girl in her teens is torn between two feelings. On the one hand, she may be subject to a certain amount of anxiety as a result of what she feels, and especially what she sees in relation to the changes in her body. On the other hand, they may feel proud of being grown up and have the capacity to become emancipated. However, the psychology to adopt in these two cases remains the same. It must aim at making the child understand, to reassure him and without contradicting him, that he is in a transition phase, and that it is then necessary to start using some accessories to accompany him in these changes


The first part of adolescence is certainly the most complicated time. The child who rediscovers himself or herself and feels new things sometimes becomes difficult to deal with. But the role of the parents is to accompany them in a reassuring way, so that the teenager understands how puberty works and the consequences of puberty. For the girl, for example, explaining the physical changes can help her open up and be more receptive at strategic moments. Without having to coerce her or impose anything, it will be easier to help her guide her choices, especially in terms of fashion accessories and clothing adapted to her new emerging morphology.


Buying the first bra for a girl is always an important step. The ideal attitude for the parents will be at this moment to advise her, and especially not to impose, the model which will correspond best to her morphology. Comfort must be the first priority, in order to get her used to wearing this underwear permanently. Then, it must be covering, so as not to make appear the least transparency which could embarrass the girl if she is modest. Finally, it must correspond to her size, to put her at ease and so that she is not ashamed to wear it in front of her friends. The last step is simply to let her choose the model she likes herself. She will certainly take into account the advice she has just been given.