When it comes to appearance, everyone has their own tastes and desires. Sources of inspiration are legion, and television is a veritable Eldorado when it comes to fashion. The series, specialty shows, documentaries or simple commercials that scroll across the screen delight teenagers in general, and women in particular.


The concern to appear as one is, without wanting to hide it and without wanting to show too much of it either, remains a challenge for teenagers. Finding the style that fits the personality and character is sometimes a challenge. To make the task easier, young people use various means to try to recognize the wave on which they seem most comfortable, by more or less identifying with a role model. The aim is above all to find the best fitting look, so as not to give a false image of themselves, but also of society as a whole, and not to fall into bad taste.


Among all the possibilities, television remains the most exploited source of inspiration. Among the different choices of programs broadcast on fashion, some stand out clearly. Among these, the series Gossip Girl, whose first episode aired a decade ago, is a reference. Indeed, it has perfectly illustrated this emphasis on fashion, giving the characters the exact look that corresponds to it. The combination of clothes and accessories highlighting the latest trends sublimates this image for each situation. An inspired girl will seek to display her own gossip girl style, i.e. one that will make her appear in the look that most simply defines her, reflecting the environment she comes from and in which she evolves.


So the idea is now clearer about finding the style that could fit each one. However, the battle is not won in advance, knowing that on television, and in the Gossip girl series in particular, everything is studied and designed to give all the magic to the story and the characters. Still, the series has been a good influence on the girls, most of whom will turn to the chic and elegant tendencies of the main actresses. If you can't create your own style, adopting one is not forbidden, when the body wears it well.
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