The problem of size is the biggest concern for a child entering the growth phase and moving towards his or her final adult appearance. The choice of fashionable clothes and accessories must be made in a studied manner, so as not to reveal the thinness a little more than one would like to hide it. Girl or boy, this complex generated by this appearance in lack of fleshy parts is corrected in more or less the same way. Here's how to overcome your complex and move forward with your existing physique, without revealing it too much or having to hide it too much.


As adolescence begins its entry and development, it is not uncommon for the teenager to be left with a physique that lacks fleshy parts. This often results in spontaneous decisions inherited from older adults and a style previously adopted to hide the thinness. Advice is sought on all sides to find the ideal look, but in the meantime, girls and boys alike rush to buy the loose fitting outfits that have proven successful for all previous generations. The solution continues to find its followers even today. But beware, knowing how to set a limit to this amplitude is necessary, to avoid falling into a clothing faux pas.


To hide his thinness, a teenager opts for loose-fitting clothes that are supposed to hide this not always flattering physical condition. But you have to know how to set limits to this practice. Indeed, clothes that are too loose will only accentuate the morphology that you're trying to camouflage a little more, just like putting on a tight suit. Moreover, it is important to move away from dark colours in general and from black, especially if it is adopted in full fashion. Vertical stripes should also be avoided in the designs, as they make them thinner.


The good news for the teenager is that when you're skinny today, you can adopt almost any material for your wardrobe. Choosing a thick or fuzzy fabric is a good strategy. Then, opting for layered clothing enhances the silhouette, without giving the impression that the shapes don't fill out the appearance designed by the garment. On the accessories side, adopt shoes without high heels. Wearing a stole or a scarf will add a little more volume.
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