Nature does things well, even if the distribution of certain body attributes has not been frankly fair, causing complexes in the different camps. Contrary to those who have benefited from the right measure, others have inherited too much or too little. Fortunately, today's fashion has taken the time to address each of these different cases, offering everyone the opportunity to turn what might have been considered an irremediable flaw into an asset.


For girls, going through the teenage stage is like an ordeal during the body transformations that she cannot control. She may find herself facing physical changes, creating a complex that she could have done without. In this case, in terms of looks, she needs to seek advice from parents, (real) friends, and especially fashion professionals to help her cope. As far as breasts are concerned, the latter offer a lot of advice to allow the teenager to show off his or her best features by exploiting what already exists.


In adolescence, a girl's body changes. While waiting to arrive at the definitive morphology she will have as an adult, she will go through different stages of transformation. The changes in the genes are most noticeable at first glance in relation to the breasts, which are beginning to grow. However, this growth varies from one teenager to another. It can be very slow, or even limited to the point of a small breast at the end of the transformation phase. But since this is a natural process, the best way to dress for it begins with accepting and assuming the situation.


Once the stage of the complex is over and forgotten, the possibilities open up. For the case of small breasts during puberty, fashion specialists recommend several look options. Bustiers and dress derivatives, plunging necklines or backless, shoulders and arms unveiled, until the adoption of a masculine look, the list is endless regarding clothing adapted to a teenager with small breasts, who ultimately can afford all styles and colors. The most important thing is to have clothes that fit well without being tight, and to avoid strapless tops, loose clothing or padded bras, which are now outdated.
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