Culture varies over time and across civilizations. It is created at a specific moment and disappears one day. However, certain trends manage to survive the passage of time, transforming to adapt to the current waves, and lasting until today. Among these fashion phenomena still in vogue, the emo kid style deserves some clarification.


According to many sources, the emo style has its origins in a new musical wind, derived from a rock sub-culture, dating from the 1980s. In order to break with the usual trends of the time, then based on aggressive and complex games combined with obscure lyrics, a new style emerges, still in the context of rock culture, but with slower and more melodic compositions, with lyrics clearly oriented towards the expression of feelings and emotion. The emo style was born, more precisely emocore, a contraction of emotional hardcore. Adopted and adapted according to his personal vision by each teenager until today, it hasn't stopped evolving since its creation, and doesn't seem to want to stop anytime soon.


Recognising an emo teenager remains a difficult ordeal, everyone explains it in their own way. However, basic criteria can still emerge when analysing all the answers collected. The look is a parameter to consider, and although it can itself vary from person to person, it is clear that the emo look is best recognised by a multi-layered hairstyle; hair is usually dyed black, sometimes with long strands combed and laid out on one side and held in place with gel. As far as clothing is concerned, shoes made of Converse type fabric, tight jeans, T-shirt with the name of a band, hooded sweatshirt, glasses with thick black frames characterise the emo kid. Finally, a few touches of make-up, tattoos or piercing can also come to decorate all this paraphernalia.


However, to confine oneself to this stereotype would be to misunderstand this trend which, since its advent and up to the present day, continues to evolve against all odds. Indeed, the emo kid style seems to have adapted to all social classes without distinction. Beyond the visual barrier, the musical wind that generated it has managed to share the same concept with all the teenagers who adopt it, especially with regard to the messages conveyed by the music. It all comes down to the emotional side.
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